Schnauz Records is an independent record label based out of Chicago representing artists across the genre spectrum. Offering numerous services including production, promotion, and publishing, we are determined to give our artists the resources they need to be successful as well as produce the next generation of music for all kinds of listeners. 


As a record label owned and operated by artists, writers, musicians and dreamers, Schnauz Records mission is the following:

To expand the collective consciousness by engaging and empowering unique and innovative artists in recording and performing opportunities

To transcend the modern monotonous musical drone of deathless ditties and the routine rota of radio tundra with fresh spontaneity

To push the boundaries of harmonic understanding and interpretation

To explore and enhance the experience of music in all capacities

To dream dreams…


Schnauz Records was founded in 2015 by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Josh Gablin and his dog Stitch as a vehicle to record and release his own music. Since then, the company has evolved into a multi-faceted, creative, and expansive opportunity to empower and support rising artists in the Chicago metropolitan area. In 2018, Schnauz transitioned away from a one-man operation by expanding to a full fledged team.

Stitch passed away in 2020.
Learn more about our company’s former president on his memorial page.